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grounds is a specialty coffee brand, with the mission of bringing the best coffee (and best looking coffee) into people's homes. Every blend is 100% traceable, fair trade, & smallholder grown. They've tasted coffee from smallholder farms from around the world to select their blends, which come in a unique recyclable can. These allow you to fully trace your beans’ roast profile, origin, contributors and more via a QR code.

-The house blend comes from Pitalito, a region full of ancient oak trees, mountain springs, and forest reserves. These micro-climates help to shape the wide variety of flavor profiles that can be found in this blend. This community of 250 independent farmers is committed to conservation, healthy farming practices. This blend, processed by dry fermentation, has notes of red apple, caramel, vanilla, and honey. 

-Coffee Clouds comes from the foggy rainforest region of Jinotega, Nicaragua. Cultivated by 20 smallholder coffee producers, this coffee conserves the traditional production techniques unique to the Cordillera Isabelia mountain range. The region's volcanic soil and a humid, tropical climate, sets it up for tremendous coffee-growing success. This blend, processed in micro-mills, has notes of baking chocolate, brown sugar, and citrus.

-Bird bean is grown in the remote highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. This high quality and organic coffee is produced by 300 small scale growers. The region's protected cloud forest gives life to a large number of Cotorras birds. These birds find their perfect habitat on the farms that produce this amazing coffee. Processed in micro-mills, this blend has sweet notes of chocolate, red fruit, spices, raisins, berries, and its creamy and full body.