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About Bumbleberry Farms

It's a rare, treasured thing when we find ourselves awakening from a dream that quite literally changes the course of our lives. Yet, that's exactly what happened one Spring morning in 2011 when the idea for Bumbleberry Farms came into focus for our beekeeping founder, Karen Mosholder - Create quality, artisanal goods that are as appealing to the eye as they are to the palate. The company was born of her hives and her country kitchen, where she first concocted the company’s award-winning honey cream spreads—inspired by a family recipe—just 18 jars at a time. Each time the kettles are cooking our delectable spreads—we still make them in small batches using whole ingredients and absolutely no preservatives—we’re reminded of stirring homemade caramels with grandmother’s wooden spoon, warming our hands on frosty days with a mug of rich hot cocoa, or waiting impatiently for the cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. In 2023, the company legacy continues with the next generation, as Jon Mosholder takes the helm at Bumbleberry Farms, guiding the business into its next phase of growth and moving it from its country setting in rural Pennsylvania to a new urban home in Pittsburgh, where plans include the addition of a rooftop apiary in the city! Jon is a Deaf entrepreneur who has proudly taken to heart the Bumbleberry Farms mission to Spread a Little Sweetness, by empowering Deaf individuals through the company’s hiring and sourcing practices.